Tree Care
Tree Care

The trees in your yard are one of your greatest assets. Providing flowers in the spring, shade in the summer, colors in the fall, and protection in the winter, trees offer a multitude of benefits. The trees in your yard need to be cared for properly. This care can only be provided by people who know and care about trees, who are educated, licensed, and experienced. The Shadetree Company can offer all of these things in a helpful friendly package.

Tree care is a science and an art that needs to be completed properly. Pruning the trees in your yard can make them safer, more beautiful, and more valuable. It can promote desirable growth, such as better fruiting or more flowers. It can change a tree to reduce its size or create a desired shape. Pruning can help prevent damage from wind, ice, and snow.

This mature weeping mulberry exemplifies that pruning is a science as well as an art.

Climbing trees is something to be left to the professionals.  Owner Tim Stabile is a licensed arborist in Rhode Island and has been climbing trees for over fifteen years.  

Getting into this back yard was no problem thanks to our NiftyLift SD-50 self propelled lift.  This machine enables us to access trees that would traditionally require labor intensive climbing and allows us to remove dangerous trees safely.  In this photo we are pruning back the ends of some large white pine trees to help shape and prevent storm damage.


Whether it's pruning or removals, we can take care of your trees safely.  This large norway maple is in decline and has a very weak crotch at the base of the two main leaders.  It's time to go.

Some trees are dangerous, in decline, in the wrong spots, or just too big.  When these situations arise, removal may be the best choice.  We can remove trees safely without damaging their surroundings.  This tree is surrounded by a stone wall, a fence, and another tree.


Here we are removing deadwood from some trees along a private road.  With our NiftyLift we can simply drive down the road, your driveway, or around your yard quickly and easily.  Because of its light weight there's no need to worry about your lawn or septic system.  It also has four wheel drive making hills and rough terrain easy maneuvers as well.

Here's Tim climbing a white oak to remove deadwood and clear branches too close to a roof.

Despite the Niftylift's great abilities, there are still trees it can't get to.  That's ok, we can still work on them, it's just a little harder. 


If and when we need to remove a tree from your property, we can also remove the stump by grinding it below grade.  After the wood chips are removed, the hole can then be filled with loam, and you'll never know there used to be a tree!

Stumps in difficult locations are no problem either thanks to our mini skid steer.