Tree Care

The Shadetree Company can help you select the plants that best fit your site and tastes.  Whether it's a potted perennial or a mature established  tree, we have the equipment and the knowledge to add whatever your landscape needs.  We have access to countless species and varieties of plants through our network of quality growers and wholesalers.  We can help you locate these plants, deliver, and install them in your landscape properly.

The landscaping in front of this cottage is updated with a Kousa dogwood, grasses, inkberry, and a new fence .

This weeping hemlock will get a good home on the edge of a fish pond in Saunderstown.

Large George Peabody and dark American arborvitaes are planted in this bed to create an instant screen between two properties.

This raised patio is wrapped by an inkberry hedge and anchored by a pair of Kousa dogwoods.

A fern leaf beech is planted at  this property with a stewartia in the background.

Our skidster unloads these Japanese maples in preparation for planting.

A Saucer Magnolia is placed in this corner bed.

Before planting, the wire basket and burlap are removed from this Japanese maple. It is also critical to determine the proper depth for planting by finding the root flare.

We can also plant grass if that's what you need.  Here we turned a wooded overgrown area into usable lawn.

Hear we are hydroseeding a new lawn.  Hydroseed helps ensure good germination by keeping the seed moist.