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The Shadetree Company can install fences on your property.  Whether your looking to define a border, add a little character, or protect a garden from intruders, we can help you choose and install a fence that's right for you and your property.  We have access to a vast selection of pre-made fencing, but don't worry if you can't find something you like, we can custom design, build, and install the perfect fence too! 

Our latest garden fence installed in Saunderstown, RI.  This fence features white cedar construction, galvanized wire critter protection, two gates, and an arbor.

This picture shows our custom gate built with wire mesh attached.  Timbers are installed under the gates and the mesh is buried along the perimeter of the fence to keep animals from burrowing underneath.

For this project we removed a section of old wall, rebuilt the ends, and installed a gate to gain easy access to the back yard. 

This fence is similar to a stockade with a much more refined appearance.  This is solid white cedar construction.

This is traditional picket fence, solid white cedar, doweled ends, and a custom built gate.

Here's another custom built gate with a unique red cedar latch.

The homeowner of this property designed this fence for the new plantings in front of his home.  We gladly built and installed the fence to his specifications.

With solid white cedar construction, this fence will last for many years.  If you look closely in this picture you might notice the fence ends are doweled.

This white cedar panel fence has diagonal lattice on top.  It has also been stained with a solid white color to give it a more formal look.

This western red cedar split rail fence blends nicely with the natural and open feel of this property.

Here we have a split rail cedar fence with roses growing over the top.  Notice the custom made gate.

Thanks to our mini skid steer, digging post holes is an easy task. 

This fence was custom built using pressure treated wood because the fence will be painted.

Notice the gate set at an angle over the walkway.

This garden featuring raised beds and mulched walkways has been protected by a picket fence with gates on either side.

If you look closely you will notice the galvanized chicken wire to keep out those smaller critters.